kkirigaya_'s Staff Application

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kkirigaya_'s Staff Application

Post by kkirigaya_ on Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:58 am

IRL Name: Chris B.

IGN: kkirigaya_

Age: 18

Previous Staff Experience: I've been a private developer for a few clients. I have their testimonies on Skype if needed.

Rank Wanted(Doesn't Mean Rank You Will Get): Developer

How active can you be: I'm almost always available on weekends (Fri-Sun), not so much on weekdays (Mon-Thur).


Scenario 1:  A user is spamming the chat, What would you do?: I would kick them with a warning. If they return and it happens again, tempban. Again, longer tempban, then permaban.

Scenario 2: You suspect a user is hacking, What would you do?: Depends on the type of hack.
Non-advantageous, convenience hack (eg. in a PvP match, you can't hit certain players you flag as friends): Same as S1
Advantageous hack (eg. X-Ray mod): Temp ban, then permaban.

Scenario 3: A user is disrespecting another user, What would you do?: Warning, kick, same as S1.

Scenario 4: You suspect a user is XRAYing, What would you do?: Covered in S2.

Scenario 5: A user is requesting for a staff position, What would you do?: Refer him to staff application on the forums and to apply. If it persists, kick with the same message as before.

Scenario 6: A user is advertising his staff application, What would you do:? Warning that advertising may lower/remove his chance of being accepted, kick, etc.

As you can see, I believe in second chances. I feel like not everyone knows the rules right away (of course, there are exceptions). If they're told of the rules and the incident doesn't happen again, it's one more player added to the playerbase instead of an instant ban that some servers would do to the slightest infraction.

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Re: kkirigaya_'s Staff Application

Post by TheCdoubleOL on Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:10 am

Please Review the staff handbook(Coming Shortly)
You Developing will begin when I set up the rank, lel.

One thing, if they advertise there app, tell me, it is an instant decline

Cdubs Wuz Here!


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